As a coach, you can only advise and encourage. The athletes themselves are the ones who have to find the motivation to go out and suffer, and to do that consistently. These three riders: Alec Gates (USA), Andrew Holt (UK) and Jesse Price (USA) are fine examples of the kind of rider that is so rewarding to coach (all live currently in Taiwan).

Over the past month each has been putting in some great rides and racking up podiums. It started when Andrew took the 40+ category at the October Taiwan KOM Challenge, with Jesse 2nd.

(A certain yours truly also managed to take the 50+ group, amazingly! In-depth article on how to train for the KOM coming up).

Then there was the YuLao Challenge, 27th November, in which Andrew took 2nd and Jesse 3rd. The route was 116km wth 2322m of elevation.

Then on December 3rd, Alec took part in the Taichung Gravel Enduro event and took first in the 30+ cat, finishing 7 minutes ahead of 2nd. Then at the Aowanda Challenge the very next day, Andrew managed to win the darn thing with Alec coming in a valiant second. That was 44km with 2240m of elevation.

On the same day on the east cost of Taiwan 4th December at the oddly named ‘197 Loving’ race, Jesse just missed out on 5th, which was a decent effort, and some great pics from the event!

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Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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