Looking for a solution to traditional hefty bike locks to protect your probably quite expensive (in the real world obviously, not our little CyclingWorld where $15K for a Specialized is considered reasonable) disc bike? And not just deter, but really protect?

Well, look further, because the new Yeelock fingerprint lock ain’t it!

But before I go into why this lock just isn’t going to do anything to protect your $5000 VANMOOF Hyperbike from sticky fingers that a traditional lock won’t, let’s look at the lock, which has nice aesthetics, fingerprint and key lock functions, and has raised $31,000 on Kickstarter (the lock is $49US for Early Birds).


At first glance it all looks good, until 5 seconds in and you realise that the lock is only attached to the disc, meaning that any speedy thief could have the wheel off in 5 seconds and hoist away your shining beauty leaving you with a nice looking lock and a wheel and nothing else.

In response to comments pointing this fact out, Yeelock responded, saying:

“It’s true someone could remove the wheel, but then they’d have a hard time actually getting the wheel off. And you can use the silicone coated steel cable to loop on the frame or lock multiple bicycles up to enhance the security.”

Here’s the cable shown on Yeelock’s Kickstarter page:

That looks like it would be snapped in a second with half decent cutters, and the issue that the Yeelock, with it’s light weight and compact design looks to solve, namely being easy to carry, won’t be if you have to shove the cable too into your back pocket.

If I need to do that, why not just get a better cable lock and not have to carry the Yeelock at all?

It looks too like this lock might well be a second iteration of this, the Walsun fingerprint brake lock, as featured also on Kickstarter before the Yeelock. I could be wrong, but some images are the same and it does look like the Yeelock is a more polished version of the Walsun. Their Kickstarter page too does look like a version 2.0.

And then there’s this Youtube video, which makes me think Yeelock should be producing AI cyborgs rather than locks.

Should you buy one of these? Sure, why not, might be enough to give you some peace of mind when you pop into a cafe and leave the BlingBike outside for a few mins. And you never know, the fingerprint lock might just keep working longer than two weeks.

I live in Taiwan and though the feeling of security here due to there not being many robbers about can breed complacency, I don’t know anyone who carries a lock for their roadbike nor do I know anyone who worries in any significant way that their bike will be pinched from outside a store. Never even heard of it happening.

But if I was back in my native England where some people steal stuff for kicks (I had a t-shirt stole once that we were using for a goalpost in the park), I’d be going for a hefty lock that will not be cut through easily, such as this, the Abus Bordo 6000. It’s bulky, heavy, but as long as you connect the frame to a post, it’s going nowhere fast until you unlock it.

Still, it’s not ideal really, you have to strap it to the frame and it’s not very long.

If you’re out and about and want a very light and small option, there’s the Safeman lock.

129g with two loops, largest size up to 30 inches, and a tensile strength of 2460lb means this is a serious option, and costs just $35.00.

And then there’s the smartphone compatible options which I just googled, didn’t now about, and I’ve had enough about writing about locks for now. Possibly forever….

May your bike never be pinched, folks…

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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