Another win for CPCS client Tom Little in Dubai!

I’ve lost track of the podiums and wins that came in for Crank Punk Coaching Systems in 2014, but there were quite a few!

You may remember crankpunker Tom Little taking first place in the Turn & Burn MTB XC TT race in Dubai in October.

He won that one in 23:16, over a minute ahead of the 2nd placed rider, but last week cracked the course in a rather stunning 21.13, which, if you’re sucky at maths, is over 2 minutes up on last time.

Whoo hoo!

Tom Little in action last week at the Turn & Burn
Tom Little in action last week at the Turn & Burn

How did we do it? Well, Tom worked his arse off, basically!

When Tom came to me I could see that he was training too much and with too much intensity too often. Rest wasn’t really built into his plan. He had natural high-end speed as a sprinter but lacked that mid-range ability to hang on when flat guys were attacking and stringing out an elite pack.

So we worked on those areas, eased up on the top-end sprint work, focused on the power base and consolidated that once we had it, then began to incorporate the top-end stuff back in and of course supported all this with way more rest. Now he’s capable of hanging in and coming through to win sprints, and to put in solid threshold efforts for minutes at a time to either bridge up to attackers or to dissuade others from having a crack at him.

This is his second win now since coming on board with CPCS, and he’s podiumed in every race he’s done since he signed up, bar one (which he put down to insufficient nutrition intake).

Now we move on to getting him on top of the podium with more regularity.

Well done Tom, awesome work fella!




Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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  1. That kid is fast – road sprinter and cross-country mountain bikes too. Good to see him riding well, well deserved after some injuries and illness.

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