The Crashtag™ by Elevengear review

the guys at Elevengear got in touch about a new identify thing they call CrashTag, asking me if i was interested in checking it out, so i said yes, so they sent me one.



which is the idea behind The Crashtag, far as i can see. one one side of the rounded piece of Al6V4 titanium you have a pattern of your choosing from 10 patterns (they have a club special too, whereby you can get your club name and logo on the front – in fasct, i think anyone can get whatever they want put on there), on the other you have space for 159 characters that should include your name, an emergency number and whatever else you want, laser-engraved on there.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 13.36.34

there’s also a QR code on there, which links to their site and your own personal page, where you can input your photo, website address, FB, Twitter and what else you fancy.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 13.35.21

it comes with a variety of cords in different materials of differing lengths too, which allows for fastening either as a necklace or as a tag on say a bag, shoes, or the bike itself i guess.

it’s kinda cool (it’s a bottle opener too), though maybe a little overpriced at $34.50 i feel.

the QR code idea is that if you meet someone of interest whose details you’d like, rather than just taking a number, you scan their code and boom, you have all their details in one handy place. not a bad idea, interesting enough, though i had to download a QR reader app first to make it relevant. a quick poll of my amigos showed that just one person out of about 20 had a QR reader app on their fone.

i originally put it on my saddle but it was clinking every 5 seconds, then just ended up sticking it in my pocket but found that i forgot it the next time i rode. didn’t look right on the shoes, the cord was too short for my wrist but as it’s sized like a dogtag it’s too big for there anyway, and as a necklace it just wasn’t my style.

so, it’s kinda smart, looks pretty good, the QR code idea is fine but not many people i know at least have a reader, and can it compete with the bracelet-style id tags available now? not sure.

would i buy one? no, but then i don’t have an ID bracelet either. i know i should but you know, sometimes i get a little creeped out heading out thinking ‘ok so if i get hit so bad that i can’t talk then this will save me’ – you know? maybe stupid, but then i make a conscious effort never to say the word C-R-A-S-H oitloud either, so i’m safe.

i think i’ll stick it on my travel bag, will look good there.

um, realising maybe i wasn’t the best person to review this. i’m sure some people who do ride with their info on them would love this.


looks good




where am i gonna put it so i don’t forget it?

how many people have QR readers?

not cheap

6.5/10, if you’re pushing me…





Author: Lee Rodgers

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