LeDuc hunting season is officially open

by crankpunk

yes yes i know, what an amazing pun. or terrible, depending on erm, who you are.

anyway, this 62 yeard old dude, David LeDuc, just got busted for EPO, steroid and amphetamine use. apparently the ‘phet was a by-product of a prescription to control attention deficit disorder, so that’s OK.

i mean, really? why bother saying ‘oh yeah well i did take the other two to cheat but not that one, that one yada yada’ aw man, just shut the f**k up, you idiot.

i apologise for the profanity and for the bluntness but when will they learn? apparently not even at 62.

Leipheimer –  sorry, i mean LeDuc – also claimed he’d only been doping since the start of 2012, so that’s a huge relief. if we do believe him – and i see no reason not to, it’s not as if he’s untrustworthy or anything – then it’s comforting to know that he was cheating just a little, and not a lot. now we can rest assured that his Masters Worlds win over ten years ago was legit.

the silver lining of the tale is that LeDuc has confirmed that he will be back to race again after his 22 year suspension (sorry, TWO years, 22 was wishful thinking), and that in the interim he will not stop doping (sorry, sorry! training, i meant training).

“I’d have to be put in a rubber room if I couldn’t ride my bike,” he said.

one other fillip in all this is that, despite the fact that many in his local cycling community have criticised him, several others have offered their support, leading LeDuc to “understand what’s really important in life, and it’s those people.”

sometimes you just know what’s important, and other times, you just have to con and cheat those around you to smell the coffee…

plans for a film, book deal and promo tour preaching to 50 year olds about the perils of doping are most likely on the schedule too.

well done, fella, well done…





Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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  1. What a pathetic loser. But scares me more is what is going on in the junior peloton. The clientele of the clinic that AROD got his supplies clearly was supplying juniors in baseball and other sports, , and it was even the parents taking them there. There are few junior cyclists being busted so does that mean doping is rife but undeground still?

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