great article on Shelley Verses in Roleur

not often i post links to other people’s articles here, but this one is really a great read.

by Richard Moore (author of Slaying The Badger), it features an interview with Shelley Verses, the first female soigneur on the European scene – and an American to boot!

cheers to former 7-11 pro Nathan Dahlberg for putting me onto this…

“When I think of my boys I want to cry,” she says. “Just the sheer thought of my boys’ faces on the start line; it was like walking through a hall of kings. The privilege; the honour to do what I did, in the years I did it.
“That I could even see Kelly, Fignon, Hinault, LeMond, Roche, Visentini, Breukink. All these fucking beautiful, these gifted people, and get to see that level of sport, to be involved at that level. It was a hall of kings to me.”

Shelley Verses
Shelley Verses

Author: Lee Rodgers

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