reasons to be cheerful #1- my 720 Armour sunglasses

i like them first of all because they say ‘screw you american spelling rules!’ 

and that’d be reason enough.


but i do like the 720 Armour range for several other reasons, which i may go into another time at more length, but here they are condensed:

1. price point

2. style

3. RX quality is the best i’ve tried, zero complaints on quality for the near-blind, and zero distortion in lens at edges.

but i really fell in love with my 720 Armour ‘Peak’ sunglasses 2 weeks ago when they didn’t take my out of its socket. 


speeding down a very familiar hill that i am on at least once a week, i was actually going slower than usual when my front wheel slipped out from under me. the result was road rash on both the front and each side of my body, which was obviously awesome, but also a bad abrasion under my left eye.

i didn’t even know it was there until one of my riding companions pointed out that there was blood on my face, which, despite there being far more blood seeping out of me from other parts of my body, obviously became my main cause of concern.

‘not the face! NOT THE FACE!’


anyway, i ended up with a small cut where the lens dug into my cheek but, despite the glass being scratched i could thank my lucky stars that 720’s shatterproof glass did not shatter. losing an eye to shards of lens is not on my agenda right now, nor will it be, so i’ll be sticking with 720 from now on!

a close call...
a close call…

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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