more victories for Crank Punk Coaching Systems clients!

the recent trip to Singapore for the National Championships afforded me not only the chance to race but also to meet up with three CPCS riders for a good catch up.

and, following the recent run of great rides by Ian Hilt and Tom SImonson, the racing there brought three more wins!

first up was Scotsman Donald McDonald, aka The Big Mac. Donald has been training with me for some 6 weeks or so and was aiming for a podium in the Masters ITT. after the race he reckoned he’d come in 4th (there was a delay due to timing problems), but a while later learnt he’d come 2nd. then he had the 2 man TTT, which – he won!

with Mr McDonald
with Mr McDonald


Donald was kind enough to thank me later on but it was all him, he did all the hard work. great results there Don.

Don on the podium for the Masters ITT
Don on the podium for the Masters ITT

next up was Serene Lee, the immensely talented Singaporean rider. Serene took part in the 2-woman TTT, and nailed it, coming in 50 secs up on the 2nd placed duo. again, a great ride Serene.

Serene was really targeting the road race but unfortunately a family tragedy meant she couldn’t take part the next day. all the best to her and her family, hope it all works out.

with Ms. Lee
with Ms. Lee

if i include myself as a CPCS client then i guess that is three wins and a 2nd place over the 2 days. not bad, not bad at all…

finally a shout out to Wei Wen, another CPCS warrior who was racing in my RR on Sunday in the U-23 category. Wen was riding very well until the last kilometers, when the change in pace meant he dropped off a little, but a great effort by him.

guys, you all made me very proud!

crank on!

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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