A Confession: I Have Never Doped

yes, i thought it was time that i came clean.

i feel it is time to get this off  my chest.

many will call me foolish, misguided, and even plain old stupid, but it is true:

i have never doped and i never will. let the lions rip me apart as they desire. i can’t go on like this any longer, i have nothing left to hide.

if you too have never doped and never will, no matter what level you ride at or even if you’ve never raced, and even if you take part in another sport, please comment on this post or mail me, and i will add your name to the list.

maybe if there’s enough of us, we too will one day become heroes and get book deals!

The I Have Never Doped Confessional, signed by:

1. Lee Rodgers

2. Chuck Hutcheson

3. Paul Roberts

4. Peter O’Connell

5. Greg Grobler

6. Graham Roeber

7. Inigo Gisbert

8. David Huntsman

9. James Machin

10. Tom Simonson

11. Raphael Grinbaum

12. Tony Chu

13. Jose de Magalhaes

14. Darin Dunstan

15. Fatmarc Vanderbacon

16. Inga Thompson

17. Matty Giedt

18. Manuel Samaniego

19. Scott Mercier

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

25 thoughts

  1. I saw it, thought, but my body is worth everything to me and I hate fake. I did and do my sports on good food and drinks, lots of training, and with the blessing of a strong body

  2. I wear a dog tag with personal info in case of an emergency while out cycling and the last line simply says “I ride clean”. That’s my pledge to myself! Whatever your sport, fair play must rule.

  3. Book deal, start a Bed & Breakfast, get invited to lead or start races…..all the benefits of doping, confessing…..that we, as clean racers, we will never get. Half of the problem here is the public that supports their doping….

    1. yes, absolutely. it is all so skewed… cheats get rich, clean riders get hounded. and seriously, where are the leaders we need in the peloton now? they are all silent. now is their chance though, i just feel it is passing and it is a terrible, terrible waste.

      1. I cut off all my hair, 2 feet, and saved it. In hopes that one day the testing will become sophisticated enough that it could be tested. Then, I could put on my resume, absolute proof of my riding clean.

  4. wow. that is something. you know, i know guys now who left the sport when they were younger b/c of doping or who had decent but not stellar pro careers and never doped, then years later came back for fun, started doing well and they get accused of doping. that’s messed up…

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