a very interesting ride

a couple of months ago i got a message on basefook from an American guy saying that he would be in Taiwan in a while and did i have a bike or did i know where he could rent one.

as someone who actually ‘knows’ about only 10% of their ‘friends’ on FB but who is quite visible/vocal on there, i do, on just about a weekly basis, get people asking for stuff, be it advice or equipment, naked photos of the crank or other enticing requests, and very often, you’d be surprised not really to know,  the requests come in a pretty rude fashion.

but this guy seemed polite enough and a quick look at his page showed me he looked like a triathlete or something and looked quite fit. though i didn’t actually do much to help him out, when i did receive a message last weekend from him saying he was in town and would i like to ride, i said ‘sure.’ it might mean a diversion from my training schedule (i can be a punk like that sometimes) but, i figured i’d be appreciative of the same if i was in someplace foreign and looking to ride.


so, up we meet, and off we go, and as i’ve never met the guy before it feels a little first datey, i’m wondering already how many bases i’ll get to – oh wait, that came out wrong – i mean, i’m wondering how we’ll get along, and then i say:

‘so are you a triathlete or a road racer?’

and then he says:

‘well, i’m on a suspension. i’m one of those guys.’

and he pats me on the back, as if to say ‘aha! you didn’t know!’

and i go:


and then we ride on, and he tells me the whole story, the hows and the whys, the ins and the outs, and the whole 9 yards plus an extra 3, just for good measure.

and he said to me ‘i wondered if you knew me and if you’d even turn up.’

and i thought ‘yeah, i wonder if i would have too,’ but i am glad i did.

and i am still kinda taking it in. i abhor doping, as i am sure you know, but i liked the guy. i’ve had this before too, with former teammates, and it sits weirdly.

anyhow, what awesome timing – there i am going on about ex-dopers and smooth as you like, one pops into my life and in 3D and all.

i won’t divulge names, as he agreed to do an interview which i’ll then write up into an article.

watch this space.

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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