2012 Sports Personality of the Year

crankpunk is proud to announce its winner of the inaugural CrankPunk Sports Personality of the Year Award!

it goes to a man whose endeavor to battle on in the face of adversity should serve as a shining example to all us athletes. the sheer willpower that it must have taken to get up day after exhausting day to go out and push himself to the limits that he did, against such formidable foes, well, we can only stand back and applaud his Herculean efforts.

like Ali, Pele, Jordan and Gretzky before him, this man’s work has changed the face of sports. literally.


and the award goes to…. drumroll please…





Travis Tygart! That’s right, the Chief Executive of USADA, whose tireless efforts finally exposed in all its despicable glory the biggest sporting fraud in history. where the Feds feared to tread, Travis Tygart put on his size 14 Dr. Marten’s lace ups and tread relentlessly. Travis, crankpunk – and i should imagine a very large majority of cycling fans – salutes you.

LA as yet hasn’t had much to say, but he did pull this face upon hearing of Tygart’s award:

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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