go hug a fixie kid

one thing that gets crankpunk’s goat a-hollerin’ is discrimination in any shape or form – unless we’re talking about discriminators, i’d discriminate against them in a second – and nothing annoys me more than when i hear roadies bitching about mountain bikers, roadies bitching about tourers, roadies bitching about fixies, or everyone bitching about triathletes… ok, i also discriminate against triathletes, vehemently – one has to have some fun in life, and why the hell do those guys wear little tanktops, speedoes and compression socks even when they’re just hanging around the hotel? not right, that…

and yes, it’s usually roadies who do the complaining. in general roadies are fine people, but the competitive, rather cut-throat nature of the road game does attract an unusually high number of unfulfilled snobs who have little better to do than snipe about just about everything.

at crankpunk we have nothing but love for everyone and everything on two wheels, or even one, if you must ride a unicycle (i’d rather you didn’t though, to be honest – always reminds me of a dog humping a leg, that action they do – although this is pretty hardcore). even for fixie kids. yes. that’s how big crankpunk’s heart is. even the fixie kids. with their ironic hair, tapered jeans and painfuly obscure sneakers. i love tolerate you too.

which brings us seamlessly to these two cracking videos that features three legends of the saddle.

first up we have two Scots meeting up for a wee ride: the UberTrickBunny himself, Danny MacAskill (and what a nice chap he seems, don’t you think?) and Sir Chris (aka Chips-A) Hoy. unfortunately Sir Chris doesn’t try his hand at jumping a double decker bus but the Mac Daddy does go for a spin in the velodrome. he’s wearing skate sneakers when he does, but we’ll let him off for that…

and moving from the track to the hills, we have this scorching little number from Lone Wolf Productions, aka Matt Brooks. cracking music, corking moves, and all very nicely shot. if this doesn’t make you yearn for a bit of off-road action, you don’t know what you’re missing… enjoy, then go hug a fixie kid…

unfortunately it’s yet to be uploaded to youtube, so you’ll have to watch it on PinkBike


Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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