German plastics specialist igus have created a bike that’s made from recycled plastic trash, including the frame, forks, wheels and gears. This is a prototype but they plan to have them for sale by year’s end.

According to igus, the company’s CEO, Frank Blase first had the idea for a plastic bicycle when on holiday at a beach.

“In conversations with employees of a bicycle rental company on the beach, he found out about their major problems with beach bikes. These were continuously exposed to sand, wind and salt water, and sometimes only lasted three months before they had to be replaced,” says igus.

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But not the igus:bike, which is designed to fend off invasions by muck (which I like the sound of, as I have cleaning my bike..!).

Them’s the brakes…

This is thanks to the components having integrated solid lubricants, which ensure low-friction dry operation. As there is no wet lubricant, sand, dust or dirt won’t accumulate on the integral parts of the bike, igus claims.

No prices available as yet.

No grease, no dirt, no cleaning! Just need a hosepipe and water.

It’s fully customisable too, meaning I guess the colour scheme.

Author: Lee Rodgers

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