Indeed, just what do the riders in the Giro do on their rest day? 

Well, all of them go for a ride, some go short, so go long, everyone has a different preference. But if they did not ride at all on the rest days, their legs could go stiff and they would have trouble getting up to race speed on the next day. An light ride for 2-3 hrs keep the legs loose and limber.

It’s also a time to catch up with family and friends back home, to call Mum & Dad and speak to wives, girlfriends and children. 

Some riders do some sightseeing but generally, the team managers don’t permit their riders to walk too much, as this can impact the legs. No extra fatigue is wanted.

And some go onto Twitter and Instagram. 

One rider who has admitted he has a specific preference is Mathieu Van Der Poel, who posted a pic showing how he gets ready for his rest day: with a ham and pineapple pizza…

That feels like a betrayal. Sickening, in fact..!

Mark Cavendish prefers an espresso and a laugh with teammates. 

Ineos Grenadiers look very happy on their rest day, and with the team riding well and Carapaz in Pink, that’s to be expected. 

Team BDSM did go sightseeing around Lake Garda, but on bikes, not on foot, you can see.

And finally, Joao Almeida might well be trying on underpants. Really! Every day, the leader of the Best Young Rider competition get a box of men’s underpants as a prize! 

Well… we think they are mens!

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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