Team GB’s Lotus Hope HB.T, yours for £15,500

Oh, and you wanted wheels with that? That’ll be…. another £4550.

What’s that? You don’t want the Standard frameset? Oh, I see, not good enough for the likes of you is it?

Right then, in that case I recommend the Sprint frameset, £19,600… plus VAT.

If you could just sign there and tick that box… yes, that one there, ‘More money than sense’.


Alright I admit this bike is a beast, but crikey, that’s a lot of the Queen’s face for a humble bicycle. The ‘Lotus’ sticker is probably worth £5k tho. Very interesting company is Hope.

Based in Lancashire, England, the company began in the late 80’s as “a subcontract machining business making tools and fixtures for the many local aerospace companies. In 1989 they began making disc brakes for the newly developed mountain bikes. Initially for the personal use of the owners but they quickly realised these brakes could be sold as a product in their own right.”

They now produce parts for bikes for people looking to upgrade their existing parts and export some 50% of their products to over 40 countries. And then they went and mate the Team GB track bike. Scroll down for the video on how this came about.

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Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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