Everesting Coaching / Testimonial by Frederic Moix

Frederic, all that hard work, amazing consistency and in the end a brilliant ride to successfully complete your Everesting… well done!

Frederic lives and works in Switzerland.

“You’ve never cycled more than 200km in one day! You’ve never done more than 5200m of ascent in one day! You’re 45 years old, you have two children, a family, a busy job… And you’re thinking about doing an Everesting… Be serious… You’ re way too old for this kind of challenge! You won’t succeed… The investment in time and energy will be too big”.

That’s what I was thinking, in March 2020.

And then one day, I told myself that I was going to do it. Despite all the negative thoughts, all the doubts. Or maybe precisely because of these doubts and this apprehension. Because what feeds our love of cycling is also the passion for challenges.

I looked for the best way to prepare myself. How to put all the chances on my side. And that’s when I made the best decision of my life.

(Honey, if you read these lines I’m talking about my cycling life!).

Frederic on a training ride

I decided to work with Lee to prepare for this challenge. Why ? Because, from the first contact, I felt his passion. I felt his desire to push me to surpass myself, to push my limits or those I thought I had. I liked his approach to physical preparation.

Guess what happened next?

Very quickly, as I was coming out of 2019, a year that had been ruined by mononucleosis, I started to improve my performances. After two months, I was breaking records that I had set in 2012.

Don’t forget rest is an important part of any good training program!

As August approached, as the date set for Everesting approached, I had doubts, days without confidence. Lee was then perfect to reassure me and adapt the training sessions in real time. I particularly appreciated his concern, his willingness to always micro-adapt the preparation.

And in August, for the first time in my life, in one day on the bike, I cycled 265 km and climbed Everest. Of course I suffered. But I was sure that I had done my best ride for months. That I had been preparing myself as well as possible with adapted, personalized advice.

The relief! Mission accomplished!
Job done.

Today, I can say: “I am 45 years old, a fantastic wife, two incredible children, a demanding and stressful job.  And thanks to an inspiring coach who listened and was always available, I achieved what I thought was impossible. I conquered Everest.”

And I will continue to work with Lee, because what feeds us, what drives us to train, is not only the challenge, but also the path. And when, on that path, someone is there to guide you, to accompany you, what is the limit?

THX Lee! 

Ride and Smile!

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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