A chat with BLKTEC’s CEO, Greg Grobler

I’ve been riding on BLKTEC‘s wheelsets and components (stem, bars and seatpost) for almost a year now and though they do sponsor me (I want to make that clear as I can) I really only have good things to say about them. Well he would say that, you may be thinking but also, I don’t choose to partner with companies making bad products.

I will be putting up a review on the C5 wheelset soon, with the all carbon C1 set review to follow.


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It’s not just me that thinks they’re good either. One product buyer for a big Asian distributor described the BLKTEC stuff as ‘the best products at the Taichung Bike Week’ last year. The Taichung Bike Week, if you don’t know, is a yearly show that brings together project managers with manufacturers that is closed to the public, and might be just about the most important bike ‘show’ all year.

I caught up with Greg Grobler recently to ask him about the company of which he is the CEO. Greg, 29 and from South Africa originally, could well be at the helm of one of the fastest growing bike companies very soon.

Lee Rodgers: Is there room in the bike world for yet another components manufacturer?

Greg Grobler: I believe there is, especially when you are developing products that are unique to the industry. People love to see new and exciting things and that’s what we have.

LR: For instance?

GG: The C1 wheelset perhaps is the most eyecatching, and then there is also the M1 stem. The M1 has internal routing and a super high strength to weight ratio.

The M1 Stem
The M1 Stem
The C1 Wheel
The C1 Wheel

LR: How did the company get started and who are the people behind it?

GG: The original idea of creating the brand started in the UK. Since Taiwan is known worldwide for being the best in manufacturing carbon products we moved it over to Taiwan. Set up shop here and haven’t looked back.

LR: What is the brand philosophy and how it is reflected in the products?

GG: It’s about quality, durability and craftsmanship. We take our products very seriously and do everything we can to make them the best quality possible. When you pick up a BLKTEC product you will immediately notice that.

LR: What are your main markets?

GG: The USA and Asia, so far.

LR: What do you intend people to experience who ride BLKTEC products?

GG: When people use our products I want them to experience the quality and bring out confidence in their riding through using our products. We’re not messing around here, there’s no point doing anything at 90%. Our development team is continually looking to create the best product. I ride too and I want the best stuff out there on people’s bikes. If that means going against the grain to get it done, then so be it. We’re here to stay.

Greg Grobler, BLKTEC INC CEO
Greg Grobler, BLKTEC INC CEO

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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  1. wheels look alot like Trigons from years ago? I remember seeing these trigon wheels there when we were developing a new crank back in 2012 which never came to be.

  2. Hi – I have been trying to purchase the BlkTec R5 integrated bar & stem from their website and have not been able to induce a response – do you have details on any other way to contact the company or source their products in Australia? Thanks

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