CrankPunk to partner with Velocite for 2015

Awesome news, Velocite, the makers and purveyors of fine bicycles are to be my sponsor for 2015 on the road and on the dirt!
I’ve known Victor and Jessica Major for a good few years now and we’ve always talked about working together, so it seems the recent Chinese New Year looked down on us auspiciously and made it so, and so, I’ll be cranking through their range from now til this time next year, and possibly beyond.
Soon I’ll be getting on this intriguing machine, the Velocite Syn.
Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 15.05.37
The Velocite Syn
It’s a design that has drawn extremes in reaction, personally I am a fan (and I already said that before we talked about a partnership for this year, for the record), but as ever the proof is in the pudding, so expect a review when I’ve put a thousand Ks or so into it. However, if it’s anything as stiff and fast as the Velocite Magnus that I rode and reviewed years ago when I was editor of a Japanese cycling website, it’s gonna rock.
 Speaking of the Syn and how it came about, Victor pulls few punches:
“The Velocite Syn started off more cautiously. I wanted to replace the Geos [Velocite’s ultra-light race bike], but relatively early into the process I though “f#ck it” and went nuts. I decided that playing it safe is not aligned with our mission and vision and that here was a chance to concentrate everything that we know into one product.
“I did not know how far to push the design however as the bike consumers are very conservative and the entire industry is in the yoke of the UCI Luddites who do their best to destroy the sport by keeping it all, including the technology, firmly in the 20th century.
“With the Velocite Syn design [we show] that it is possible to challenge the status quo and that thinking outside of the box, while risky, can be rewarding.
“Making the Syn was also important to Velocite as it serves as a visible signal that we are capable of pushing the design parameters and very likely the performance beyond that of well regarded incumbents. “
UCI Luddites, destroying the sport… as you can see crankpunk and Velocite agree on some key points.
The Magnus, stiffest bike I've ridden to date
The Magnus, stiffest bike I’ve ridden to date
Velocite will also be supplying me with their Flux carbon MTB, which will be carrying me across the wilds of Mongolia at the Mongolia Bike Challenge once again this year. Yeeha!
Velocite Flux MTB
Velocite Flux MTB
What’s in the future for Velocite? This, says Victor:
“To be a bicycle industry design and technology leader. Become the default choice for any customer seeking the highest performing products. For style and stories about heritage and alternative science they are welcome to go elsewhere, Velocite cannot and will not please everyone.”
‘Cannot and will not please everyone,’ how true I know that to be…
I’d like to say a huge thank you to Victor, Jessica and all the staff at Velocite, let us crank on.





Author: crankpunk

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist.

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