Jonathan Vaughters graces Twitter with a description of crankpunk as a “talentless wanna-be writing [a] self-promotional blog”… Compliment accepted

A Twitter spat. My first. And with the mighty JV. I am honored.

Some back story…

It’s no secret that I feel that all former dopers – all – should not be welcomed back in any capacity whatsoever into the fabric of cycling, be it as managers, coaches, team owners or administrators.

I also feel that the UCI has to work to foster an environment in which teams are encouraged to and feel perfectly at ease with adopting employment policies which mean former riders and doctors that were/are considered tainted are no longer able to find work within the sport too.

This would mean no Riis, no Vino (well he might be off soon enough), and no Jonathan Vaughters. I’m not the only person to think this way by a long shot, however opinions like this are not often aired on CyclingSnooze nor on any of the other major sites and magazines, because if they were then these media outlets would lose access to quite a few teams and they may lose advertising booty from the team sponsors.

You also have certain former dopers now in management running or on the board of ‘important’ committees and organisations. The oft heard claim is that these former dopers know how to steer the sport along a new course because they have been there, done that.

Or been there, done this, and that, and yeah a bit of that, oh and yes, a shit load of that! And so on.

The problem here, as many can plainly see, is that you have former cheats supplying their own, often-changing narrative, one that justifies their doping in the first place (‘Everyone was doing it’ – not true) – a doping that was uncovered either at the time or years later yet never was confessed to until their pants were already down and their d**ks in hand – that therefore justifies the wealth and status they acquired with it – and finally justifies their position in the sport now (‘I was there, I am sorry, but let me help!’).

It is, as my Gran used to say, a proper bag of bollocks.

If you want to read more on my opinion of Vaughters and these others being in the sport, read here and, if you want to know why I think he should be out of Change Cycling Now, read here. It’s not the first time JV and I have ‘chatted’, previously we were going to have a chat on the phone but it never quite worked out, with, as far as I can recall, nothing but work getting in the way for both of us.

Which brings us to Twitter.

Earlier today I saw a little tweet from Vaughters about how he wished to invite two guys to listen to a talk he was giving in London about something connected to cycling and doping.

I then asked via a tweet if that was after the talk on dopers managing cycling teams.

Vaughters then replied with this:

Jonathan Vaughters (@Vaughters) tweeted at 10:03 pm on Mon, Mar 02, 2015:
@crankpunk101 It was going to be right after the talk on talentless wanna-bes writing self promotional blogs.

The original I either can’t find or has been deleted, but here is an image of the tweet in Q:


Let’s take a look at this, a little more closely… Well, we don’t have to get too close do we.

It’s the Omerta again. ‘Shut up please, your opinion does not coincide with the reality I have constructed so please go away.’

Self-promotional? I can take that, there is an element to that in all we do, and yes there is that here in crankpunk, ego is as ego does, but the points I am making – we are making, meaning a large chunk of cyclists – remain to be answered.

As for the comment on Twitter – thanks. Compliment accepted.



Jonathan Vaughters apologised for his original tweet on Twitter which I read after I posted this and asked to talk. I stand by the article above though, and will be arranging an interview shortly, watch for that.

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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  1. I would rather be seen in a crankpunk jersey than a Garmin one, any day of the week. And that would be as an ethical stand as well as a fashion statement.

  2. That’s tantamount to ” You were never a player so your opinion matters not”


  3. Agree with you boths. With crankpunk’s standing in former dopers in the sport and Nick’s choice of which jersey to wear.

    1. Most anticipated interview I can remember. Go for the throat. For me, JV represents possibly the most abhorrent side of Omerta – the glittery, shiny, still make a lot of money side. Not OK, not OK at all, ever. Certainly it’s not all his fault, but he hasn’t gone remotely far enough to help and has in fact perpetuated the problem. No forgiveness. Go away. He’s made plenty of money. Better yet go away and identify the true daisy-chain of criminals – full disclosure. That would be something.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog, mainly because of your writing style and content. I fully support a “one and done” for “convicted” dopers. I may be a little more moderate for those that “freely” admit to their doping pasts voluntarily and maybe Vaughters falls into that category (though I have no justification). Regardless, Vaughters response to your tweet was rash – maybe that’s why it isn’t visible anymore? As to “self promotion,” isn’t that a purpose of a blog?

  5. That chemically-driven “pro” is only a snitch who had his day in the spotlight about all of his wins . . . err . . . about his being a chemically-driven pro. Shame shame, JV.

  6. In German we have a very suitable proverb: “Getroffene Hunde bellen”. It is not so easy to translate and I’m not sure if there is an English proverb with the same meaning. The word by word translation is “hitten dogs are barking” and it means if someone totally overreacts based an a critic, you hit a nerve or bulls eye.

  7. When they say that they had to dope because everyone was doing it, they are just referring to the other dopers. The rest of us didn’t have what it takes to cheat. We are the talentless (clean=talentless) wannabeecleans who want to selfpromote (because we don’t have big money sponsors who do the promotion for us) a clean sport.

    Thanks for accepting the compliment on behalf of all of us who decided to race clean.

  8. crankpunk- I appreciate your strong position on doping. The only solution is “one and done.”

    Vaughters is no different than Lance. Rather than addressing the issue, as you do in a direct manner, he personally attacks you in an effort to minimize your credibility. If he wanted to clean up the sport why did he not tell all and expose all those he knew had doped and facilitated doping. Nope, he glossed over a half apology and continued to cover for known dopers.

    If Vaughter’s wanted a clean team he would have had each and every one of his riders admit their past doping offenses and taken their punishment. No, rather like Vaughter’s none of them admitted to doping. It was all kept secret until they were about to be exposed. Then, in true Lance like fashion admitted they had doped and they were so sorry, but ” they had to do it” Saying your sorry just doesn’t cut it anymore!

  9. Well CP you threw a stone, and JV threw one back. Surprise surprise. What exactly did you expect him to say? Or better still, what would you rather that he said? You want him out of his job, and he wants to keep his job. Do you think he should just quit his profession, and tell everyone that he doped and he does not deserve to be in the sport anymore? In my experience this is just not the way the world works. We are all self promoters, you, me and JV, just simply so we can survive in this dog eat dog world.

    Now…I personally agree with one and done for the dopers. I believe that JV and the rest stole from those who chose to play by the rules. He must live with this fact, but it is unrealistic to think he should throw himself on his sword. The “justice” many of us seek must come from the higher authorities, though many would argue they are complicit, and thus we better not hold our breath. Our only hope is a governing body that takes a hard stand, but this seems like it will never happen. Alas we live in a world where cheaters are often rewarded. But as my brother used to tell me when we were kids, “cheaters never win.” He was right, because the definition of winning to me, is a clean conscience and a good nights sleep.

    Thanks for a fantastic blog. I check it regularly and really enjoy your commentary. Cheers.

  10. This staff journalist at The Center for Investigative Reporting sees a lot of talent in CrankPunk. Being dismissed by a flack is a badge of honor, friend, and if Vaughters is talented at anything, it’s flackery.

  11. Just found your blog and you are 1000% correct. JV has no place in cycling (nor do any of the other former dopers). The ONLY reason JV has had these opportunities is because he doped. PERIOD. He has not earned a single thing. He has cheated and stolen his way to a position of authority in cycling and continues to profit (quite handsomely) off of his sordid past. He then makes sure to keep his other “former” doper friends well employed too (Millar et al)

    What up and coming cyclist doesn’t look at the wealth and fame JV (and others) have managed to gain through doping and thought “well, the rewards are FAR greater than the possible penalty”? What “penalty” has JV paid for his systematic doping for his entire European career (and perhaps longer)? He is the epitome of a “mule into a race horse” because he wouldn’t have even hung onto the back of the euro peloton without doping. 2% improvement? Hah, more like 50% improvement. He’s a complete fraud.

    The guy is a joke and he’s exactly what’s wrong with cycling today. Former dopers who “saw the light” only AFTER their riding careers were done (or mostly done) and now use their “anti-doping” gospel as a shield. Not one of them paid any significant price for their role in defrauding the sport for years. Still cashing checks and keeping things under-cover. That’s the JV way.

    Until ALL dopers are removed from every level of the sport, then cycling will always be WWE on two wheels.

  12. Yeah, sorry to those guys like Vaughters (OK, I’m not really sorry), but fuck them. They’re only in the positions they are in because of what?

    Doping. I’m with you sir. They should all be drummed out of the sport. As in, forever. Goodbye. Get the fuck out.

    I always have people try to make the argument of, “Well, if they’re all gone, who is going to be on and run the teams?”

    Ah, any number of people that’s for sure.

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