Vandevelde to be president of new North American Pro Rider Association. Huh?

Seriously, I did not make this up.

Christian Vandevelde, he of  le dopage Americain, is to be the president of the new Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists (ANAPRC).

At the time he received his suspension (6 months, bless, received for ‘admitting’ he doped on US EPOstal), he whimpered:

“I’m very sorry for the mistakes I made in my past and I know that forgiveness is a lot to ask for. I know that I have to earn it and I will try, every day, to deserve it – as I have, every day, since making the choice to compete clean. I will never give up on this sport, and I will never stop fighting for its future.”

Vandevelde’s so special he gets his own page on Dopeology.

Vandevelde's roll of honor
Vandevelde’s roll of honor

Whatever you think about him returning or receiving only 6 months, surely a former doper who only came out and ‘confessed’ because his boss (JV, another former doper, see where we are going here?) told everyone he had, isn’t the best choice to represent all North American pros?

Even if you’re kinda ok with all that trimmed suspension garbage?

What do the non-dopers think of that?

Yowzers. Beggars belief.

But then when Gianni Bugno, top doper of the past, is the head honcho of the world pro association (Cyclistes Professionels Associés), should we really be surprised by anything?

The answer is no. Angry, yes, surprised, no.

And well done to CyclingSnooze who yet again report this stuff without whiff of even the faintest opinion.

Awesome work guys. Surely you should get Liggett on board, you’d make cosy bedfellows.


Bugno’s rap sheet, again from the excellent Dopeology.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 00.14.38


Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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  1. Come one Lee. You keep writing the same stuff. No one cares, especially the current riders about what happened 10+ years ago. Don’t you think that if the current pro’s had issue with VdV being their representative? But they don’t. I’ve spoke to many current pros and they realize the doping was something that happened and now its in the past (or mostly in the past). They don’t hold it against these guys. Just look at your last article about the Talansky/Levi relationship.

    1. Not A. Cyclist:

      No. Millions care, hundreds of millions. Thank heavens Lee calls junkies out – and deep professional and moral shame on the entirety of journalists who don’t. “Pros don’t hold it against these guys” Seriously? Endless examples on this blog and hundreds of others. You are part of the problem, unfortunately a big part.

      1. HA! You don’t get it. No one gives a rat ass that they doped. They doped, so did everyone. I don’t see you guys crying about Merckx, Fignon, Hinault, Pantani, Indurain, etc, etc, etc. Shit even Crankpunk himself venerates Gilbert (another suspected doper). Crank punk is nothing more than a hypocrite… someone thats a wanna be pro that blames everyone else for his lack of talent.

        As to the rest of you, (I’m looking at you deanabt), most cyclists don’t give a fuck what you have to say or think others should do. The fact is, sites like this only generate more excitement about the pros of the 90s and 2000’s. Its funny every time Lee posts some crap ass blog, the numbers to Levi’s Gran Fondo. Fuck Lee was even kissing ass to some of the supporters at the Taiwan KOM this year.

        So have at it… because the guys you all so hat, are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank. So keep it coming!!

      2. Dear Not A. Cyclist, — Obviously a lot of them doped, although I would love to see you say that in front of “The Badger”. (I personally believe Hinault was clean & rode on pure rage. He’s over 60, but I’ll bet you’ll need a dentist afterwards.) There was, is, and will be cheating in cycling. Honestly, I’m less critical of the riders of the 70’s and beforehand. However, in the 80’s, 90’s, to the present, with the technological advances and cheaters doing the preposterous to succeed, even knowing what blood doping and other banned substances would do to them? One would say you would be foolish, stupid, greedy, desperate, or a combination of these terms and others. Regardless, athletes taking those measures should not be exalted as role models. They should be penalized harshly. Not for stealing races from others, which is another matter, but for instilling false hope in future racers and being mendacious to cycling & its fandom. True enough, sometimes I find it ridiculous that WADA doesn’t differentiate between Sudafed and sermorelin, which is magical in itself. I am sure you are witty enough to understand the difference between the two.

        Don’t single out deanabt, or Lee, or anyone who actually cares what happens with the future of cycling. The children now, the kids that will be competing in future years, should have at least some respectable role models to look upon; to say, when they are presented the Needle of Deceit, “Get stuffed. I don’t need or want any of that poison.” Those are the role models that were sorely needed then, and still are now. Good on the folks that Fight the Good Fight, there will always be some who seek out the Right Way to do things.

        You can call me a hypocrite, or me for that matter. You can tell the others that most cyclist don’t give a frack, etc., etc.. You are entitled to whatever opinion that you have concocted, but I’ll take Lee Rodgers on my team any day over Contador every time. His palmarés at least doesn’t have an asterisk next to it, and most likely trumps yours. Oh, and Not A. Cyclist, should you want to discuss it further, mind that this former messenger, with three Boston winters under his belt, doesn’t give a frack what you have to say or think, but you best smile when you say it.

      1. But if you take Conty at least you’ll have steak for the BBQ. Me, I bring mutton.

        Thanks for the comment Stephen! Much appreciated!

  2. I’m with you, CP! I am tired of all of this junk. Lance Armstrong is completely obliterated (not that I didn’t like that), but they other dopers are held as heroes for jumping ship first! Just like Alberto Contador . . . SO tired of hearing about how awesome he is. Why don’t we just make him head of UCI when he retires?!

  3. I don’t get it. I don’t get how current pros allow themselves to associate with and be led by former dopers? I don’t see how they don’t see that by clouding the waters, it makes everyone in the pool look dirty. I get that he served his suspension. I get that he says it was in the past and he’s clean now. But just like a Mark Wahlberg can’t be a reserve police officer because of a felony assault charge, there should be consequences for actions. But once again, omerta makes it so there are none. Things like this really make me question why I even keep track of this sport.

  4. To be honest, it’s not just CyclingNews. There’s so many websites that had been part of the omerta that are doing their best to “move the narrative forward” “for the good of the sport” that it’s not even funny. I read so many editorials 2 years ago saying how it wasn’t their fault because if they’d published their info Lance would have cut their access that it’s no surprise they’re ignoring it all again.

  5. Not A Cyclist! You’re back! How was the sand? If you need help getting it out of your ears let me know, I think I have a coupon for that somewhere. The offer for that interview with me is still open, you just have to not be anonymous. Maybe you can ask Lance, or George, or JV, or Talansky, or Liggett, or the editors at CSnooze and the rest if that is ok.

    Thanks to the rest of you guys for chiming in, needless to say I agree. It kind of beggars belief eh? I’m hoping to get some word from some NA pros I know to see their reaction.

    Crank on folks.

  6. OK, I get that with his past, CVV isn’t the most desired person for the job. But other relevant questions are who would be a good choice, followed by, what makes you think they’d want the job?

  7. I look at this way. They earned their shame, just like Tyson, Pete Rose, Di Luca and some other notable athletes.

  8. I look forward to crank punk’s rider response. As a fan I have my opinion. But I think it’s pro riders who should have the loudest voice about who represents pro riders.

  9. I care. I care A LOT! How can the passionate followers or casual followers ever trust or believe our sport is moving forward when a confessed doper is taking the helm. It’s left a hole in my heart and I’m sure many followers, no matter how sincere van de velde is about his past.

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