Rabottini suspended for EPO, and to think we almost had him at the Taiwan KOM…

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last year, when I was looking for KOM winners of the Grand Tours of recent years to invite to ride the Taiwan KOM Challenge, i received a mail suggesting i get in touch with Matteo Rabottini of Neri Sottoli.

Rabottini had shot to fame with a victory Rabottini on the stage to Piani dei Resinelli at the 2012 Giro d’Italia, taking the KOM classification. the following year he was 17th on the GC. he was young (25 when he won the KOM at the Giro) and charismatic, and looked perfect for the KOM.

(shortest video on Rabbo’s win i could find, excuse the music – sounds like cycling on drugs… oh wait…)

anyway, at the last minute negotiations fell through, can’t remember why, but did we dodge a bullet or what?

why? well cos the Italian just got the results of his B sample back, from a test taken on August 8th. and they confirmed he’s been on the EPO. for sure though he wasn’t on it when he won the KOM jersey.

fo’ sho.

he’s denying all.

at the time of the KOM classification win he laughed about having been given the nickname Rambo by his teammates. CyclingSnooze wrote:

‘“I’m not like Rambo”, joked Rabottini as he wanted to underline that he’s not naturally gifted.’

perhaps he should have underlined that he’s unnaturally gifted.

this is now the fifth time i have either raced against a guy who was later found to have doped or been in talks to get a guy to enter a race who was later found to have doped. i am not in a rush to get to number 6, but suspect it will happen sooner rather than later.

just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

4 thoughts

  1. Other than David Miller will any of these clowns Ever just hold their hands up and admit it

    Again will we see the 2 year ban come into effect?

    The only way has to be like or at a minimum 5 years otherwise where is the deterrent

  2. I see at least two more dopers on the finish list at the end. It seems like nothing has changed since the Armstrong days. As long as one rider is winning on dope, the rest have to dope to keep up.

  3. totally agree Karl, the balance of risk/reward needs to move significantly against dopers if we hope to make any progress. WADA need to step up to the plate… a 4yr+ ban for 1st timers, to take them out of an olympic/world cup cycle, and lifetime for a second negative. Allow team sports to take significant action against teams who’s individual members are caught – the lone wolf argument is too easy to hide behind… Exactly how many decades of the current system do we have to endure before the penny drops?

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