Sir Bradley Wiggins becomes a Japanese anime star

i love this (i’m a bit late on it but having lived in Japan for ten years I feel i had to post, made me a little homesick, in a nice way).

El Wiggo in a Japanese anime.

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if you watch carefully in the first few moments you’ll see how, consummate teammate that Wiggins is, he attacks his fellow Sky bods in the last 200m to win on Alpe d’Huez.

Froome must have been with him in the leading group…

in this clip, a schoolgirl is fed up with beaten on the ride to school by a male classmate, so she harnesses the Power Of The Wigg on her ride the next day.

Wiggins actually puts in a speaking appearance too. intriguingly, he is altogether more manly in Japanese. anyway, magically, our schoolgirl’s uniform turns into a Sky kit and her mammachari (or ‘granny bike’ in Japanese) into a Pinarello (she gave it back at the end though, saying her mammachari was torsionally stiffer…).

check out the kids’ schoolbags, provided, it looks like, by Rapha.

spoiler alert: our hero manages just to beat the lad, but she’s since failed a doping test and the result will not be confirmed until the result of her B sample is known.

the link to watch is here, click ‘EN’ at the top right for subtitles.


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