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  1. Meh…

    Dan Martin made a wonderful race, but really, if you have the class to get to the last 10k of a major race with Mr Valverde its pretty obvious that atackers will be rewarded.

    EVERYONE knows that Valverde has the quality to rise to this sort of challenge, and physically could match (if not beat) Martin. Equally, everyone knows that Valverde will respond to an attack like a grumpy old man….He will REFUSE to bridge, REFUSE to counterattack and REFUSE to work together with anyone to bring an attacker back. No-one wants to take someone so talented to the finish line, so its stalemate, and congratulations Dan Martin. (Gerrans is EXACTLY the same)

    We saw it in LBL, we saw it in the Vuelta, we saw it in the WC’s and we see it here. Its why the man has podiumed in all of those races, and why he will never be the winner that say Contador is- Valverde clearly prefers to have silvers and bronzes than go for gold.. Fair play to him, but Martin won as much for his strength as for his knowledge that Valverde is the world’s foremost negative racer….

    Yes, Martin was brilliant, its not like he brought fire and stone tablets down from the mountain…

  2. Still not sure that Valverde should be allowed in the Pelaton. I just read an article that proves these guys are probably still benefiting from previous doping years (

    Dan Martin was like a rocket ship coming off the back of that prestigious bunch. My heart was exploding for fear that he would hit that corner to hard but afraid he might not hit it hard enough and allow the group to catch. But yes, Valverdre not willing to chase and fear that someone else might get another one up on him.

    Dan Martin deserves all the praise he gets.

    1. agreed, i don’t think he should be there either. Valverde once said ‘when you are not good, take a chance, but when you are good, do nothing til the very end.’ so, there ya go. he’s very willing to lose a race to win it. it was great to see Martin rewarded for having a blast!

  3. All this Valverde talk, he either wins or takes 5th, but he’s still the main subject of discussion. It doesn’t seem to be about winning, its about beating him.

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