imitation, they say…

is nothing short of laziness.

or, wait some folk say… is the sincerest form of flattery. or something like that. well, check this out – CRANKPUMP!

it’ll be a huge success. cos everyone has shimano hollowtech cranks. and no one has pockets. brilliant!

click here to see the CRANKPUMP! video and to hear the voiceover from a woman who was kept in a darkened room for the past 11 years.

and what a smooth-line looking bike…



yes, for 50 quid you can become a TEST-PILOT! and not an idiot who sent in 50 quid to test something that costs 89p to make!
yes, for 50 quid you can become a TEST-PILOT! and not an idiot who sent in 50 quid to test something that costs 89p to make!


lovely line drawings abound!
lovely line drawings abound!

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

6 thoughts

  1. Poor misguided problem solver.
    Only a triathlete would think road bicycles and CO2 cartridges go together.
    More so that one cartridge would suffice in the real world of flat tires.
    That’s just my crazy opinion.
    What is a fact though is this is a poorly named product as it is not a pump at all.
    A pump never runs out of air.
    A good pump will exceed 90psi.
    CrankPump does neither.
    It is not a pump.

    One of the big steps towards being a seasoned cyclist is realizing the need for a frame pump(or sad little pocket pump), saddle bag with one tube, a patch kit, tire levers, simple mini tool, a small rag and possibly a boot for big cuts. There may be room left for an emergency gel in there too. Fits under the saddle nicely.

    These folks need to take that step.

    That is all I have to say.

  2. Dear Crankpunk aficionados,
    I’m the guy who makes CrankPump, and I’d like to thank you for the publicity, apologise for the close brush with names, and have a go at showing you why CrankPump is a useful thing to have.

    It may not be obvious, but hollow cranks are taking over. Shimano makes more than half the western world’s cranks, and 90% of Shimano’s cranks have hollow axles. That means there’s a lot of people carting around an empty cylindrical space the exact size of a CO2 canister.

    So why wouldn’t you store your pump there? It’s better than hanging it off your bike. Given the choice between a pump you have to remember, and one you don’t, it’s quite useful to have a CrankPump that is always there. CrankPump won’t butter your toast, but it will make your saddle bag a little smaller or make sure you never forget a pump. Cycling parts have always been about making things a little bit better – when you upgrade from 105 to Ultegra, or buy a newer crankset it’s a bit lighter or better. My wife, who generously donated her voice to the video, has had to put up with hearing about this all year (you’ll be pleased to know she has freckles from the sun).

    As Jimjimjim… points out, CrankPump uses CO2 canisters, and some people don’t like CO2. But that hasn’t stopped the roadies I ride with all switching to CO2, even before CrankPump existed. Way back when CrankPump began, there were pump and CO2 versions, but people so much preferred the CO2 version that I started with that. Unfortunately, that means that if the CO2 version gets panned too badly, there won’t be a chance to make a pump version.

    Unlike most bicycle stuff you see, CrankPump isn’t some corporation. It’s a guy who is making a go of producing a product he thinks will make people smile a little when they get a flat tyre. That’s a hard job that’s not for the lazy.

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