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possibly the longest team name in the history of cycling and there’s only one man on the team…

disaffected with most of my experiences on cycling teams i had an idea towards the end of last season – why don’t I race independently, forget racing UCI events, focus on the regional and international elite amateur road races on offer these days and start doing more international MTB events?

i approached the brands that i’ve been connected with for several years and some new ones too and wrangled both product and financial support from some and bingo, i’m a one man band now roaming the planet looking for finish lines.

the 2014 beast
the 2014 beast

supporting me through 2014 will be:

Lezyne with tools and accessories

BlkTec with wheels, stem, handlebars, seatpost and tires

720Armour with eyewear

and last but not least, Lapierre with both road & MTB frames and groupsets.

so far the calendar has only two confirmed races, the Craft Bike TransAlp (MTB) and the GENCO Mongolia Bike Challenge, though also in the sights are the TransPyr (MTB) the Crocodile Trophy in Australia (MTB), and Leadville (MTB).

on the road i’ll be racing in Taiwan in the regional series, doing the Singapore nationals again with the Lapierre Asia Cycling Team, possibly the Tour of Friendship again in Thailand, and the Tour of Bintan (again with Lapierre Asia).

i’d like to say a huge thank you to all my sponsors and to the friends and family that have supported me and continue to do so.

this year is, i hope, gonna be a corker!

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Blk Tec1

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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