Martyn Ashton & friends, oh my goodness

by crankpunk

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this made me laugh. and gasp.and then as i read more about the film it brought a tear to me eye.

holy flip.

“It’s very different to what I planned but I’m really starting to love it and care for it,” Ashton said about the film. “It’s a brilliant collection — you can lose the fact that we’re on a road bike as it just looks like a great piece of riding. The first Road Bike Party was all about it being a road bike but this one, the road bike doesn’t get a chance — the stuff that we do collectively is beyond what would be ‘normal’ for a trials bike. It’s exceptional.”

Ashton had a terrible accident whilst competing that left him paraplegic and in a wheelchair, something i didn’t know about until i saw this video this morning.

Martyn’s attitude to the accident is humbling.

“I just felt lucky, you know? ‘F–k, I nearly killed myself’. But I hadn’t, so I felt really chuffed to be honest.”

and the fil,? wow. incredible stuff. i’m out to buy me some Vision wheels after i post this…

all the best Martyn, crank on!

check out the amazing video here below…



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