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by crankpunk


Betsy Andreu mentioned The Outer Line report,  A Roadmap To Repair Road Cycling, in her widely read article here a couple of days ago about LA, and after reading the report in full and all its recommendations, I’d encourage any of you who haven’t yet read it to go download it, grab a coffee (or two) and sit back and read it.

If you haven’t time to read the full version, there is a summary of 11 pages that captures the major points.

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Written by Steve Maxwell and Joe Harris, about whom you can read more on their site, the report just makes a whole lot of sense, to me anyway. At the very least, it is worth reading as it one of the very few things out there that actually offers suggestions on how to make the future better, and a direction in which the sport may head.

The pair also leave contact details for email and twitter on the About Us page, so they are open to dialogue.

A Roadmap To Repair Road Cycling.

This week’s recommended read.



Author: Lee Rodgers

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