a couple of things that cheered me up

apologies for the silence of late, been running around like a lawyer for Lance Armstrong recently.

how does he even still have lawyers anyway? thought he was broke? anyway he may soon well be, if his battles with the US government heat up as they seem to be doing. couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow, and i really, really, really, really, really, really mean that.

very interesting report on CyclingSnooze yesterday about new detection methods for new dope. amazingly enough, at an anti-doping held at the Spanish (yes I did say ‘SPANISH’) Olympic Commitee’s behest, Dr Cristóbal Belda-Iniesta explained how “there are substances that degrade in hours and can therefore be practically undetectable, but which leave a footprint in genetic memory that can be detected five years later”.

some of what the good Doctor has to say is fascinating – in particular, the stuff about how EPO increases tumor growth by 1,800 times – as opposed to just doubling if left untreated.

“Indeed, tumour cells feed off EPO and because of that they develop specific receptors. For that reason, we know all about EPO and we are learning how to fight that as part of the battle against cancer,” El País reported Dr. Belda as saying. Adding EPO to a tumor cell will increase it’s size by “1,800 in just five days when normally, without EPO, it would double in size at most over the same period.”

And how about it causing cancer in those who misuse it?

“It can be affirmed that doping substances like these are substances that can be used experimentally in a laboratory to produce cancers and cardiovascular illnesses. They are substances that help to create cancer.

“I have said experimentally because there are no epidemiological studies to back this up. But the scientific basis for this is simple: each cell has needed millions of years to evolve and reach a perfect state. When we modify it in an accelerated way with one of these substances we modify all of them, because they are all connected. For this reason, I want to fight against doping because it is a health issue.”

quake in yer boots, dopers. ‘5 years’ the man said, ‘cancer’, the man said. if you don’t see the ethical reasons not to dope, maybe you can see the damage to health that you’re risking…


in other news, almost as heartwarming as that above, Tom Boonen looks to be heading for a return to the Tour.

“I was actually starting to miss the Tour. Winning is contagious and my heart bled. I missed the atmosphere of the team: fighting together for that one goal.”

safe to say the Tour missed him too. come on Stage 5!

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