CrankPunk Coaching Systems: more good stuff!

it’s been a very good few months since CrankPunk Coaching Systems got off the ground, with some victories, plenty of improving and many personal goals achieved. i’d like to say it’s all down to my brilliant coaching (!) but in reality it’s been down to the fantastic efforts of the men and women who’ve been out there cranking it!

to all of them, i’d like to say thank you for you’re sustained dedication and desire to get out there and put in the work to just get better. each and every one of you is an inspiration, and i mean that.

least week at the Tour of Matabungkay two of the crankpunkers were in attendance, Serene Lee and Steven Wong, both of Singapore.

Serene was going for the GC win but that eluded her, however she did manage a win on the first road stage, as well as a 5th and a 3rd place on two other stages and 2nd overall, of which she has every right to be quite proud!

Serene on the podium
Serene on the podium

Steven went into the race with little expectation of performing well as he’s been traveling and we’ve only been working together a few weeks, but he defied the odds and managed to claim 2nd place overall in the 46-55 age category, a great result!

Steven Wong
Steven Wong

back in September, another CPCS rider, Alex Rodriguez, was in action in the Texas State Championships in the 45-49 age group, in which he came third, a great result given the quality of the field there. here he is below collecting his trophy after an action-packed race that has provided him with the confidence to aim for even better things. nice work Alex!


finally, we have Matt Ingram. Matt wanted to get fit for an MTB trip to the Himalayas with none other than the rather legendary Nathan Dahlberg, formerly of 7-11 and a guy who has actually ridden the Tour de France. wanting to not get battered by the evergreen Nathan every day, Matt came to me wanting to improve his overall strength and stamina, and that he did. Matt’s one of the original crankpunkers and his motivation and determination to crank it leaves me humbled. seriously.

Matt Ingram
Matt Ingram

well done guys! and crank on!

The Himalayas
The Himalayas

to let you know, there will be a dedicated CPCS website coming before January, one which will feature a series of training plans that will be customizable specifically to each rider’s needs, and that will feature insights and training advice from a select few of my very good and successful cycling amigos!

stay tuned for that! onwards and upwards for CPCS and the crankpunkers out there!

Serene at the start of the ITT

* news just in! CPCS rider Donald MacDonald claimed the fastest bike split in the TT at the Singapore National Duathlon today, good enough to get him 3rd overall – another excellent result for Don!

Author: crankpunk

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist.

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