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    1. ‘so why watch?’ is such a pointless question that you’re obviously just spoiling for a fight. it’s not going to make any difference what i say back. your mind is already made up. which you just proved. so, well done, pat on the back, off you trot..

  1. I’m looking forward to the analysis on the ventoux climb. In the froominator’s defence he is far more outspoken on doping than others who have proceeded him. Contador leaping to his defence didn’t help his cause, though. That fact that in 2013 we don’t have any certainty on whether someone is doping or not is very frustrating.

  2. You’re letting Contador away with too much. Clearly Alberto hasn’t had enough ‘quality’ steaks lately as he’d had to dial back his doping program for the Tour, whereas he had free reign to go nuts for the Vuelta.

    At least Froome with his tiny arms and huge lungs/chest looks more appropriate getting up a hill – unlike big mig,bjarne riis or george hincapie. It’s really up to Dave Brailsford now to release power data to WADA or a different independent group to diffuse suspicion. He is somewhat correct though on being reluctant to release due to the unscientific nature of some of the armchair power analysts out there.

    1. well looks like they have decided to do just that, according to reports, though as yet WADA have had no contact with Sky. but it’s a clear sign that the mounting public scepticism – and questions – are doing something.

      re Conty – i just thought it was so obvious what is going on, i guess i didn’t even think to mention it…

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