CP on The Roar – The Curious Case of the 100th Tour de France

when was it ever clean? when was what we were seeing not truly unbelievable?


and so around rolls the 100th, and i am having a real hard time giving a hoot.

courtsey of Le Tour de France
courtsey of Le Tour de France

read about why on The Roar, today’s edition.


‘The circus is coming to town. Lock up your doubts and get ready to suspend your disbelief. There’ll be lions, would-be tamers, some high-wire artists and no doubt a clown or three. Don’t look too deep, stay in your seats and keep your wits about you.  Peer no further than the face paint and the bright lights, or you might come a cropper.

Ah, the hoopla is about to begin all over again. The Tour is unlike any other large-scale race in the world, because, well, it is the Tour. From the early days when men pedaled mind-boggling distances on single speed hard tire clunkers over unpaved roads, through to the modern era of high tech materials and even higher tech drugs, the Tour has always been at the center of the cycling world.

It is the sun around which this strange, breathtaking little universe spins, and in the collective cycling mind, the Tour’s position is unassailable. Ask any aspiring junior what it is he dreams of when he shuts his eyes and he’ll invariably tell you “wearing Yellow.”

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Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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