Taiwanese bike magazine TMBK

i kinda ummed and ahhed about posting these images, but then figured that your usual crankpunk reader is sophisticated and educated enough to realise that this kind of imagery is devoid of morals, vacuous when it comes to ethics and just downright degrading to women – and yes, i am speaking to the men out there.

the women readers will i am sure congratulate me on highlighting this obvious case of abuse and of the objectification of their sister-folk.

the astute cyclist will see quite clearly that the young lady in the images is sacrificing aerodynamicity for pure aesthetics, a definite no-no – and just imagine the road rash if she takes a tumble…

good to see feminism got there in the end, eh?

aero is the watchword woman, AERO!
aero is the watchword woman, AERO!

tsk tsk!

can someone get the lady a tire wrench?
can someone get the lady a tire wrench?

in this last image from the aforementioned TMBK however, the editor has nailed it – or should i say ‘needled’ it – so, maybe there’s hope after all…

my, that is a big needle there, Lance
NOT photoshopped, apparently

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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  1. Can’t see any girl in the first two photos…. what are you going on about? Nice set of Novatec RS wheels and SRAM’s latest hardware, but mate I’ve been searching for ages, its a trick right?

      1. Hahahahaha yes it was a running joke in the team, fortunately they listened when we suggested spokes blowing out was not a good thing.

  2. i wrote three replies and they were so full of double entendre that i had to delete. so all i will say is – your wife is a lucky woman 😉 and you are a proper bike geek. now then, crank on

  3. Not that i’ve been studying the images, but it would seem that in order to stop the ill equipped female cyclist from pedaling away, they have taped the right brake lever to the bars. Safety first.

    1. Jody, you eagle eyed demon you! Ha, quite obviously they took one look at her kit and decided she was not to be trusted with a rear brake…

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