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    1. i’m mixed on him, have to say, though i’d definitely go for a beer with him. i’m also grateful that the idiosyncrasies of my personality aren’t picked over on a daily basis 😉

  1. Really hope that Uran mounts a challenge to Wiggins in this Giro from within the Sky ranks like Wiggins said he would do to Froome in the forthcoming Tour. Kind of like Roche did to Visentini all those years ago. Come on Roberto!

  2. Roche vs Visentini was indeed an epic, and what a year that was – also the year i started riding, as it happens, thanks to Roche and Delgado. yes nothing like a bit of intrigue and deception to stoke a Grand Tour – punk it out, fellas!

    1. If you ever get to read Roche’s biography there’s an interesting account of how his team manager Davide Boifava threatened to take Roche over the edge of the mountain with the team car if he didn’t follow team orders, only for Roche to grab Visentini’s bars who was alongside him and say “do it and we both go over”

      It’s a shame Wiggo isn’t riding the Tour now, I’d have quite liked to see Dave Brailsford hanging out of the jag shouting the same thing to Froome holding onto Wiggo’s bars!

  3. That Rapha kit seems to have worked a treat but is it ironic or fair that Rapha fans were declaring that he was now descending like a girl ? according to one “it’s demeaning to be a slow descender.. always better to crash like a pro”.. !!

    1. might be his tires, if they are on Vittorias, but then i guess just abiut every Italian team is on them too – notoriously bad on the wet. as for the ‘like a girl’ thing, wonder how that went down in the women’s peloton? nice one Wiggo…! and the guy who said ‘better to crash like a pro’, i wonder if he’s ever crashed in a race?

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