Sir Chris Hoy, crankpunk salutes!

i’m not a huge track fan but i do have a great deal of respect for this man and for his achievements, a respect that has grown with this very human and honest retirement announcement.

there can’t be many people who would recognise that their time has come – well, there’s aren’t! usually they/we drag out the demise and can’t accept the realities of the situation, happens all the time – and to have the integrity to step down ahead of a championships that will be held in a stadium that has their name on it, well, you have to take your hat off to that.

eleven time World Champion and six time Olympic Champion, says it all really, and seems a decent fellow to boot. seems foolish, these days, to have heroes, but if the sport needs icons it could do worse than look to this guy.

Sir Chris Hoy – a proper crankpunk.

and here he is having some fun with Danny MacAskill

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

2 thoughts

  1. A true cycling embassador. I am a huge fan and hope to make the trip so my six year old bmx punk can meet him. Of course Cyrus may be eight by then.

  2. indeed. more like him would be no bad thing. very few mention the balls needed to walk away now, when he could have the perfect swansong, yet how many would crush on him if he had ridden and failed (which as it happens, i still reckon he wouldn’t have – because they would have cheered him even if he’d been out first ride. how about testimonials for cyclists? many wouldn’t deserve it but he does).

    great to know there are wee punkers out there! crank on!

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