Sagan, sucking, squeezing and striving

podium girls - maybe we all best just shut our eyes...
podium girls – maybe we all best just shut our eyes…

Sagan squeezed, we suck, and sport has to strive for better.

naive at best is what you could call Sagan’s actions at the weekend. yet those amongst the organising committee who chose to follow ‘tradition’ and have long-legged chicitas in short skirts and big hair parading like trophies around the podium bear just as much of a responsibility.

it wasn’t their hand that reached out to cop a feel but they exploited the women’s sexuality via heels/skirts/hair, placed them in a very male environment and no doubt chuckled contentedly when the men in the crown whistled and ogled as the women appeared.

what of the women themselves? no responsibility? nah they don’t get out of it that easily, unless they truly are bimbos with absolutely no idea what they are doing. do women who dress as they were deserve to be harassed? no, but did they make a choice to allow themselves to be exploited in return for money?

heck yes.

did they think they were up there on account of their educational qualifications?

heck no.

finally, us. i like to look at beautiful women and had never really questioned the appearance of the podium girls (see my ‘aboutapunk’, last photo to see evidence of that), and i’d wager most male cycling and sports fans are the same.

what does that say about us though?

not much. not much that is good, in any case.

the women’s race gets zero coverage, the podium chicks and a squeeze gets acres.

a bit depressing all round really, and those coming down only on Sagan need to step back and see the forest. it’s sticky, grimy, and not a little seedy, everywhere.

will it change? not likely. apparently it’s all part of the ‘history and culture of cycling.’

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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  1. The only person to blame here is Sagan. He is fully responsible for his own actions, not the girls who are there just doing a job. Look at it the other way around, these are very fit young men dressed in Lycra – do you see the girls groping them? No, just going about their job in a professional manner….

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