Tour de Taiwan: straight from the bed

yes, not John & Yoko stylee i’m afraid, i don’t think my teamy would appreciate that too much. maybe if he was Dutch. something about the Dutch and their fondness for standing around in a shared hotel room with their c**ks out.

first time it happened:

‘jesus! what are you doing?’


‘where’s your pants?’

‘why? you have a problem?’

‘what, am i gay if i do?’


so there he is standing stark bollock naked in the middle of the room (dripping wet i may add) with his manpiece dangling away (you know guys with small c**ks never do this), and yet i might be ‘the gay one’ cos i would rather he put pants on.

that’s messed up!

anyway. from the bed. yes, here we are in Kaoshiung at the rather not bad Garden Vila Hotel (way too awesome food by the way, i think this might be one of those races where i go home heavier than i arrived, i’m praying the next hotel has a crap buffet – this one has a white chocolate fountain and Ferrero Rocher on a stick, for crissakes!), awaiting the start if the 2012 2.1 UCI Tour de Taiwan.

144km of racing to come tomorrow, over a 12km lap right by the ocean. if it’s windy it will wreak havoc.

ask anyone ‘how’s the legs? and they wince and complain, without reservation. no one ever has good legs, not before the race.

‘how’s the legs,Eddy?’

‘ah you know, a little dead, we’ll see.’

‘Eddy, you just won the Ronde by 8 minutes 3 days ago.’

‘ach, you know how it is, didn’t sleep too good last night’ et cetera and so on.

without fail.

so how’s it gonna pan out? well hard to say, no BIG teams here this year, by which i mean no WT teams. last year Saxo were here as well as Androni (not WT but well-drilled nonetheless), which kind of tempered people a little. i think this year it’ll be a bit of a slugfest. there are some good sprinters here so their teams will be trying to control it, but there’s a couple of hilltop finishes where things could get dirty.

i hope so.

this time last year or so i was doing this:

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 上午10.15.32

on the last day after securing the Points Classification on the last sprint point of the last day, but it won’t be happening again this year. i’m no sprinter – the win came from several long breaks and a pretty haphazard gathering of points.

so a good GC finish is the aim this year, as well as a stage. i’ll need the stars and the moons to align, the whales to be on song and the others to fall asleep for a few kilometers, but heck, if you don;t try you’ll never blow and die! right?

whoop! forza.


Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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