a little more on Factor’s new production bike

crankpunk’s been looking forward to the launch of Factor’s first production bike for a while now, and i’m currently hunkered down in my pup tent in the queue to get hold of one for a review. quite how the Factor design team will incorporate and adapt the innovations included in their first two models will be very interesting to see. the new bike will have a completely custom built handlebar from a well-known brand, what looks to be quite a serious computer, and some new wheels from a new brand that is working with Factor.

they’d originally planned to launch in January at the UK Bike Show but that’s been postponed – looks like it will be later in the spring, which suits me fine as i don’t fancy riding in London in January. i’m a crankpunk, not an icepunk. Factor did though send a little glimpse of their new bike, and have revealed the name: it will be known as the Vis Vires, a name that Factor say is inspired by the Latin word ‘vis’ meaning ‘force’ and ‘power’.

“We feel the Vis Vires captures the essence of everything we’re doing at Factor,” wrote John Bailey, managing director, in the press release. “Most obviously, since the top level bike will come with our own proprietary force measurement cranks; force and power fit perfectly. We also feel like our unique approach to design and integration will inspire the cycling industry.”

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i’ll endeavor to keep you posted on any further updates, and if you missed it you can read an article i wrote about the new bike here on VeloNation, and full transcript here.

Author: Lee Rodgers

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist and the original CrankPunk.

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