Pre-Season Training Plans: $6.99 per week on Crank Punk Coaching Systems

CPCS will get you in top shape for 2015
CPCS will get you in top shape for 2015

How do you go from the splurge that is a good Christmas break into some smart, sensible training that will lay a solid foundation for the new year of riding and racing?

How do you get back into the groove without overtraining or wasting your time doing things you don’t need?

How do you utilise the new research about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into your routine, whilst being sure to use Long, Steady Distance riding effectively too?

And when and how should you start using shorter, medium intervals so that you do not compromise the gains you’ve made with your longer workouts? Finally, how and when do you take it from that middle period into the high-end stuff, the top-end workouts that will get you ready for your first week?


With Crank Punk Coaching Systems you’ll find one of my pre-written plans to suit your pre-season needs perfectly, with a 6 Week Winter Plan on offer that can then be switched to the PowerUP Plan that will get you up to that next level, and a Comprehensive Pre-Season Plan that will incorporate both the base training and the move into longer HIIT work, with a final chunk that will take you from that middle area into getting ready for that first race.

At $6.99 per week the plans won’t bust the bank but what you will get in return is a proven plan constructed using my experience and expertise in creating winning coaching systems, including a guide which will offer instructions as to how to adapt the plan to your needs and time schedule. You will also get a free TrainingPeaks account.

Also available is the 1-2-1 Fully Personalised Plan, please email me at

Crank Punk Coaching Systems: as my Mum says, “They’re the best!”

CrankPunk Mum: she knows the form
CrankPunk Mum: she knows the form

Author: crankpunk

Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist.

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