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Cycling coach, race organiser, former professional cyclist.

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  1. Nice Analysis and I particularly enjoyed your work here re: Tony Martin. The man is pretty exceptional and while his TT credentials are unquestioned, you do a nice job highlighting his SR quality and contrasting his physical build with TT and GC specialists- Its a nuanced point that is not often highlighted and you do a good job here- Chapeau! Also lovely to see Rui Costs’s class shine through. The man has not been very lucky this year, but if he ever gives a lecture on “Race positioning”, “Cycling tactics”, or “Knowing when to go deep”, I might suggest that we all buy tickets!


    1. thanks for comment DN, much appreciated. yeah Costa at the World’s was a masterclass in timing and effort when it was needed. i always say to win a race you just need to go a fraction of a second faster than everyone else, but in the right place – exactly what Costa did in that race.

      Martin has done a great deal with what he has. some think him a bit dull as a rider but, some don’t know what they are watching 😉

      thanks again, and crank on

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