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Balls Out: naked cyclist fined for not wearing a helmet


Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 11.04.19

well, this certainly brings new meaning to that phrase.

wonder if he was on the rivet?

ah the pedantry of The Law. some dude in New Zealand is caught under the influence of alcohol and naked, whilst riding a bike. and is charge not with indecent exposure but with riding without a helmet.

reminds me of the English couple having sex on a packed train whilst all the other passengers pretend nothing is happening. when the couple had finished their tryst and lit up cigarettes, however, a gent looks over and says ‘Excuse me, but this is a no smoking car.’

reminded me also of the Swedish guy who was caught having sex with a bike. he punctures the tyre than er, takes care of himself. i told this story to a bike buddy of mine last week and he didn’t believe me. here is the video evidence:

back to the naked NZ guy. not sure if didn’t get busted for indecency on the grounds that the cops just couldn’t be bothered or if it was just too cold for the biker to actually offend anyone:

‘Timaru police Senior Sergeant Randel Tikitiki told that the man was not charged for indecent exposure because that would “depend on what could be seen.”‘


cycling posters! thanks Liz!

what a find, and thanks to Liz Newbery for this.

a bicycle posters page on FB. one of the best things i’ve seen on FB, in all honesty!

that’s the great, truly great thing about the bike – it just makes you smile, and there’s plenty in these beauties to smile about.


Dave Christensen, filmmaker

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 15.47.09

i know some very talented and pleasant human beings, and one of them is Dave Christensen.

Dave makes films and very good ones at that. On top of that he’s a pretty decent bike rider too.

his new website is Il Gregario, showcasing his work.

if you ever need a movie making, he’s yer man. check out the link above to see more of his stuff.

Sir Bradley Wiggins becomes a Japanese anime star

i love this (i’m a bit late on it but having lived in Japan for ten years I feel i had to post, made me a little homesick, in a nice way).

El Wiggo in a Japanese anime.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 22.58.04


if you watch carefully in the first few moments you’ll see how, consummate teammate that Wiggins is, he attacks his fellow Sky bods in the last 200m to win on Alpe d’Huez.

Froome must have been with him in the leading group…

in this clip, a schoolgirl is fed up with beaten on the ride to school by a male classmate, so she harnesses the Power Of The Wigg on her ride the next day.

Wiggins actually puts in a speaking appearance too. intriguingly, he is altogether more manly in Japanese. anyway, magically, our schoolgirl’s uniform turns into a Sky kit and her mammachari (or ‘granny bike’ in Japanese) into a Pinarello (she gave it back at the end though, saying her mammachari was torsionally stiffer…).

check out the kids’ schoolbags, provided, it looks like, by Rapha.

spoiler alert: our hero manages just to beat the lad, but she’s since failed a doping test and the result will not be confirmed until the result of her B sample is known.

the link to watch is here, click ‘EN’ at the top right for subtitles.


Come! Bike Day in Taiwan: the mad, the wet, and the beautiful

still no one quite knows why there is a ! in the title of Come! Bike Day, but nonetheless it is fun to say – go on, try it.

the first ever event of its kind to be held in Taiwan, it brought together roadies. MTB guys, trick bike dudes and a whole bunch of antique and classic bike fans for rides of varying distances around Sun Moon Lake, which sits just about in the middle of this beautiful country I’ve called home the past 4 years.

Sun Moon Lake on a clear day - which we didn't quite manage, unfortunately

Sun Moon Lake on a clear day – which we didn’t quite manage, unfortunately

also present were 2000 kids on those little bikes with no pedals, racing around the carpark!

the event is part of the Taiwan Cycling Festival, a year-long series of event designed to get Taiwanese folk healthy and into cycling, and to show the beauty of the nation to foreign cyclists too. co-organised by the Taiwan Travel Bureau and the Taiwan Cyclist Federation (for whom I am the Foreign Media & Rider Director), the event is a warm-up for the Taiwan KOM Challenge which is on next saturday – 3,275 meters of uphill over 105km, more on that later in the week.

for that event we have some top riders and journos in town, from VeloNews, PEZCycling, CyclingTips and

there were some cracking bikes on show and some great outfits – check the gallery below.