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i hate cycling

you know these days?

got up late. meant to get out at 8am but woke up at 8, thus throwing everything off by an hour.  why does it take me a whole hour and sometimes longer to get out the door? today was even worse.

sat down to have a look at my emails and was inundated, some stuff i just had to do immediately. this led to replies. and more stuff. and more stuff.

and – you get the picture.

then i realised i had a flat. i tried to fix the flat, had a nitemare getting the tire back on. tightest tires in the WORLD. snapped my last remaining tire lever in the process, used a spoon as it was all i could find, then finally got to pumping.

my floor pump decided it just wasn’t gonna work with the new valve. great. so i used my hand pump.

‘it’s going up…. no, it isn’t… is it? f******ck!’

sweaty. angry. despondent.



flat tire. pinched the tube with the spoon.  no more levers. bike shop thirty minutes walk away. roasting hot outside. laid out on bed depressed. decided not to ride. writing here instead.

runners? all they need is shoes.

kickabout with a ball? just need a ball.

cycling? an avalanche of crap is required.

top all this off with the fact that i have had a bad back for the past 2 weeks and ridden a whole THREE hours in that time, in much pain, add in a typhoon or two, and a short-term move to Hong Kong for three months, AND a 4 stage bike race commencing in the Philippines on Friday that i am in zero shape for, and yes…

sometimes, it is true, i hate cycling.

imitation, they say…

is nothing short of laziness.

or, wait some folk say… is the sincerest form of flattery. or something like that. well, check this out – CRANKPUMP!

it’ll be a huge success. cos everyone has shimano hollowtech cranks. and no one has pockets. brilliant!

click here to see the CRANKPUMP! video and to hear the voiceover from a woman who was kept in a darkened room for the past 11 years.

and what a smooth-line looking bike…




yes, for 50 quid you can become a TEST-PILOT! and not an idiot who sent in 50 quid to test something that costs 89p to make!

yes, for 50 quid you can become a TEST-PILOT! and not an idiot who sent in 50 quid to test something that costs 89p to make!


lovely line drawings abound!

lovely line drawings abound!

kickstarter campaign to help fund Graeme Obree film

The Beastie in action

The Beastie in action

as many of you may have noticed, i have always had enormous respect and admiration for Mr. Graeme Obree, for what he represents as a human being as much as what he does on two wheels. he and his mad bike caught my imagination in a way nothing else really has in the world of cycling ever since, as i watched on as a teenager as he and Chris Boardman battled on in their many duels.

you can guess who i was rooting for! it was the conservative, methodical Englishman against the eccentric and non-linear Scot. Boardman was a fantastic cyclist and is a noce fella – I met him once at a crit in the UK, where I was second and he was first, about three minutes ahead of the rest of us – but it was in Obree that i recognised genius, the kind that takes men over frozen wastes and into deep, impenetrable jungles.

here was someone special, someone uncontrollable, someone very much volatile but truly, it seemed to me, truly alive.

he walked away from doping too, making his own stand against the corruption in pro cycling at that time. he was crankpunking even before the term ever saw the light of day..!

so when i received an email from Zoe Lavoi-Gouin, Production Manager at Journey Pictures Ltd., asking me to spread the word about a kickstarter campaign that they started to help raise the last 20,000 GBP that will help them take the 200+ hours of material they compiled over two years of following Graeme as he attempted to break the Human Powerer Speed Record into a finished film, i agreed immediately.

Graeme inspects the outer shell in his 'factory'!

Graeme inspects the outer shell in his ‘factory’!

“We have just completed the filming of a documentary covering two years in the life of twice world record holder and twice world champion, cyclist icon Graeme Obree,”  wrote Zoe.

“It began in his kitchen in Saltcoats, Ayrshire in 2011 and just ended in September 2013 in the mountains of Nevada, USA. We filmed at least 200 hours of material but we now require help in raising the funds to finish the project! We have launched a KICKSTARTER campaign to raise £20,000 to cover the cost of a craft editor, and the editing suite he will use, the sound mix, the completion of the final big screen version, colour corrected with titles and graphics as well as the master for the streams, downloads and DVD’s.”

so click here to go to their Kickstarter link, and donate if you feel so inclined.


The project FB is here, please go ‘like’ and let’s raise them up a bit.

Here is their Twitter account.




bike. life.

you make a decision and a choice. every time you clip in. it is the enactment of your will. drop through the gears. arse on saddle. flex in the thighs. the body leads, the mind follows. in a world where demands are made and must be met, be they taxes, departures, working hours or any other obligation that tethers us to the bind, strips us of our sight and leaves us blind, when you ride you enter the environs on the outskirts of liberation. you are on the approach to freeness. you’re fighting against the curse of our times – doing nothing. a movement against inertia. you are making a statement. heard through action. every pedal stroke a word, every kilometer a sentence, every hundred a chapter. writing a book with your being. letting the world know that this tribe will not pass by into the dust. that you will not desist. no matter what else it is you do, you are doing this, conscious or not. the mind leads, the body follows. it works both ways, it becomes one and you know you are of the earth just as you leave it, however fleeting, like a seed on the wind, to grow, to build, to become a fulfillment, forcing into the bend, easing out of the curve. impossible in the limitless of what you can achieve, for a singular moment. maybe two, if you are very lucky. but you made this. it is not luck. it is the enactment of control, of self, and, lest it be forgotten, left to gather cobwebs like so much else we once believed in, it is the exhumation of a dream. relinquish and release, relax, through the tension and concentration of stress. the sweat. the tightness. the ache you love. when you get closest to realizing the magnitude the words fall away, thoughts vacate. [now] becomes real. and it comes again and again and again, every time you leave that door.

a life on two wheels.

life, indeed.

a little trip up to 3,275 meters

i’ve been away for a couple of days to Hualien on Taiwan’s east coast, climbing some parts of the famous Wuling mountain. i was there with former teammate Yin Chi Wang to do a photo-shoot with some Japanese journalists. this is one epic, not to mention stunning, climb.

here below is part of a report i wrote on the climb after completing the Taiwan KOM Challenge 2 years ago. this year’s event will be held on November 9th, entries opening soon, watch this space for more on that.

‘Itʼs a 90km beast of an event that lives in central Taiwan, and goes from a sleepy, cosy little town by the name of Hualien, meanders through the magnificent Taroko Gorge amidst and sometimes through enormous slabs of ancient rock so delightful that they entice riders, even mid-race, to let out gasps of wonder, and up and up and up to the summit, all 3,275 meters of it.

With an average of 7% for the first 104km the speed there is quite high, but it’s the last 8km that knock you out. 17% average with pitches up to 27.8%. In the closing kilometers the air is thin and the life is sucked from your bones.’

*all shots taken with an iPhone 5 and the Optrix waterproof camera-case

the race starts by the ocean, in Hualien

the race starts by the ocean, in Hualien

endless mountains and the vast ocean, a great place to ride

endless mountains and the vast ocean, a great place to ride

me & Yin Chi, top Asian at last year's KOM Challenge

me & Yin Chi, top Asian at last year’s KOM Challenge


breathtaking road


keeping the ghosts out


up… and up… and up!

not that skinny, it's a fish eye lens...

not that skinny, it’s a fish eye lens…


it was nice to be able to stop and take shots – usually it’s non-stop to the top



hard to take bad fotos here!


river view



with the Japanese journalists

view from the top

view from the top


the east side road to the summit, there’s another hill climb up here also

then we went for lunch, and these appeared on the table... mmm, protein!

then we went for lunch, and these appeared on the table… mmm, protein!

call that a finish?! Rast gets lucky in the Tour de Suisse, analysed on PEZ

‘oh he’s blown it, attacking like that…. now he’s chasing too hard… he won’t… wait – what the?! he’s done it!’

i’m not saying he got lucky.

but he did.

he definitely did.

he was definitely lucky.

Tour de Suisse, stage 6 analysed on PEZ.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 下午5.42.53