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crankpunker spotted in Denver, Colorado: punkhunt ensues

Michael Sagermann, a.k.a Bobby Snowballs Smith, was last spotted pedaling about in an area just north of Denver, taking scalps and Strava KOMs willy nilly.

Sagermann  is easy to spot in lycra as one of his famed snowballs is bigger than the other.

Sagermann is easy to spot in lycra as one of his famed snowballs is considerably larger than the other.

armed with deep carbon rims and some serious power thanks to Crank Punk Coaching Systems, Sagermann is considered legged and dangerous and should be approached with caution.

or an espresso, as he is quite fond of those, with one of those Italian cookies on the side, the hard ones. with almonds.

here is the last known image of the man, bedecked in the fantastico CPCS kit that is still available in any damn color you can find on the Pantone chart (contact me for prices, sizing, a chat about life, advice on mullets, et cetera).


720 Armour and CP, heading into 2014!


this is a thank you to one of my long-term sponsors, 720 Armour. they’ve been sponsoring me now for the past three years with their excellent eyewear. i know, i know, i’m bound to say it’s excellent but the 720 stuff has been great, their RX range in particular has served me well through thick and thin over that time, in some far flung places. for a blind bat  who loves to break things like me, having dependable, rugged and zero-distortion prescription eyewear is of huge importance.


you can check their range here: download the catalogue for the 2014 stuff.

today i popped into their office in Taipei to meet with Laura Hsu, my sponsorship supervisor, and Daniel Hsiao, their project manager, and to pick up my urban wear 720 VITA glasses.

many thanks guys! let’s crank on to 2014 and some more wins!

me with Laura

me with Laura

Bradley Wiggins launches own Fred Perry range

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 下午12.53.08

seems like El Wiggo is following in the footsteps of George Hincapie with his latest venture. nothing to do with high powered performance enhancing drugs, no, but rather taking a leaf out of FashionistaGeorge’s book and starting a clothing line, in conjunction with the Englishman’s beloved Fred Perry brand. we all know that Wiggins loves all things Mod, and i guess that to the marketing crew at Perry this must have been a dream come true: an Englishman at the top of his game who is almost constantly in their gear.

so if you know any Wiggo fans, here’s the ideal birthday pressie.

and here’s where and how it all started: